Please note that payment of service is due on day of service.

Coaching & Training

Single session $100

5-pack $400 ($80/hr)*

10-pack $700 ($70/hr)*

*Please note packages are for single client sessions only. Semi-privates (2-3 people) are available at $50/per person/per hour session. 

Online Coaching Services:

  •  Initial consultation- $50 (half hour)
  •  Online wellness sessions – $50 half hour, $100 per hour

Additional Services:

  • Teen health coaching session – $60/hr
  • Driveway or backyard bootcamps can be arranged. Pricing will vary based on group size and length of camp. 

Please visit for current workshops offered, including online workshops. 

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Description of Services

Consultations (Client specific and vary based on individual needs): The initial consultation serves as your “meet-and greet” with Frances. This first session is devoted to understanding what you hope to get out of working with a health coach and allows you to better understand what Frances can provide you. We will review your current state of health and other aspects of your lifestyle and together determine what may be the best plan of action for you. Prior to this consultation, you are required to fill out an intake form that will be emailed to you and asked to return this form at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled consultation. This will allow Frances to get an initial picture of your health history, goals, concerns, etc.  This is a “breakthrough” meeting as it’s your first step towards the healthy lifestyle you are striving for. You will leave this session feeling motivated and ready to begin this exciting journey to better health!

Health Coaching/Training Sessions :  This is where the magic happens! These sessions are devoted to motivation, education, and even training. During these sessions, you and Frances will work closely to set goals for a healthier and more wellness focused lifestyle. Using these goals as our guide, Frances will provide you with tips and strategies related but not limited to fitness, nutrition, stress, and general lifestyle. The objective of the wellness session is to assist and support clients in working toward and achieving their goals, build confidence, provide support, and to empower clients on their wellness journey.  Wait, what about workouts?  Lace up your sneakers and let’s do it. These sessions are designed to empower and energize you – this will include exercise! Sessions can include a dynamic warm up, a fun and challenging workout circuit, a cool down and stretch, wrapped up with education related to the workout. Sessions can be done in my home gym, your home, or outside when weather permits. 

Home Workout Session: Learning how to get a workout in your own home is incredibly beneficial. Whether you are a workaholic or a stay at home mom, this option is great for the busy bees that have a hard time simply finding time to go to the gym or a workout class. This option is also great for Moms with infants/toddlers. The Practical At Home Workout Session includes a dynamic warm up, a creative home workout circuit, a cool down and stretch, and is always wrapped up with education related to the workout. These sessions are more than just a “workout”, they are specific to your individual fitness needs and are meant to help you better understand the human body and how to keep it strong, flexible, and healthy. The key to a good workout at home is creativity!

(Revised August 2022)